Adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) referrals

Local ADHD Services have very long waiting times, however, we can now refer patients to outside service providers for NHS Assessment and Diagnosis via the following services: 

  • ADHD 360 (age 16 years +)
  • Psychiatry UK (age 18 and over)

How to start a referral request:

  1. Patients who wish to use this 'right to choose' must first visit each of the websites (links below) to ensure that they read and finalise their decision. (Patients are only able to be referred to one of the services at the time of referral.)
  2. Once you have chosen your service provider, please download the ASRS questionnaire and the letter template (there is a link to these on each of the web pages)
  3. Send your form and letter to Bridge View Medical either by email, post or face to face.
  4. Once we have these documents, it is now time to book a telephone appointment with your GP to discuss being referred for an ADHD assessment. If your GP feels that a referral is appropriate, they will organise for your ASRS questionnaire, Right to Choose letter and a referral form signed by them, to be sent to the relevant service provider.

Please ensure you return all your completed patient forms to BVM prior to booking your GP appointment. 

Form checklist

  • ADHD 360
    -Adult screening questionnaire ASRS
    - Right to choose patient waiting list risk assessment
  • Psychiatry UK
    - Psychiatry UK ASRS form
    -individualised consent letter