Contraception, otherwise known as birth control, is available in many different methods. 


Starting or changing contraception needs to be discussed with with a GP.
You can book a routine appointment at the surgery to do this.


Alternatively you can contact Unity Sexual Health Clinic, Central Health Clinic, Tower Hill, Bristol, BS2 0JD who can also give contraception advice and prescribe.

0117 342 6900 for appointments - lines open from 8.30am (9.30am Saturdays)



Prescriptions for contraception are free on the NHS.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception is used to prevent pregnancy after un-protected sex or contraception failure (e.g. burst condom) 

Emergency contraception should be taken/administered as soon as possible after the event. 

The two options (depending on situation) are 

  • Morning after pill - available from your local pharmacy or unite sexual health clinic
  • The copper IUD (coil) - available from the GP practice only if a coil trained GP is available on the day OR Unity Sexual Health Clinic.


You can find out your nearest pharmacies that provide emergency contraception by:

Texting 80011 with ‘pharmacy emergency contraception [and your post code]’

You will get a text response with the 3 nearest pharmacies with their names, addresses, telephone numbers and distance from the post code you’ve entered.

Standard text message rates from your provider may apply when using this service.

(Source Unity Health Clinic)

Contraception: Pill check

In order for us to safely prescribe the contraceptive pill we require you to attend a routine pill check. We will advise when this is due. We can usually book this in with a Practice Nurse and any follow up GP appointments can usually be done over the phone. 

Contraception- coil fitting

To arrange a coil fitting, whether it is for the first time or when you are due a refit, you will need to have an initial telephone call with one of our coil fitters. This can be arranged for you via our Care Co-ordinators.

Once you have had this telephone call you will be added to a waiting list for an appointment date to be arranged for your coil fit.


Please read the coil fit leaflet before your coil fitting appointment