Antenatal and Postnatal Mental Health

Pregnancy is a lifechanging event.

For many this is a change that happens with no issues aside from A LOT of hormonal changes!

For others though pregnancy can be a time of worries and anxieties:

  • Social Life changes
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Body changes
  • Financial worries
  • Support network worries

Sometimes there is no reason and you may find yourself struggling with mental health worries during or after pregnancy.

It is important to know that you are NOT alone. There is help and support available for both Mother and partner.

Please browse the resources below for antenatal and perinatal mental health support, and don't forget to speak to your midwife or health visitor who will be happy to support you.

Support for Partners.

There are many reasons that you might experience mental health problems while your partner is pregnant or after they give birth.

Your partner may also experience mental health problems during their pregnancy or after giving birth. This can make it even harder for you to cope with the normal struggles of becoming a parent.

Please see below for useful links to support and advice.