What support do I need?

This section contains some self help links and advice. 
In some instances we may direct patients to try self care treatment. Advice for this can be found at the local pharmacy or online.  

The self help section has been a suggestion of our GP team at Bridge View Medical. We have approved the links we have listed but please note that the information does not replace medical opinion. If you are concerned about a medical issue and have tried the suggestions listed, please seek medical advice.

NHS Health A-Z

You can find information about different health conditions and treatments by using the NHS Health A-Z.

Further support

Mental health

Find more information about the services and support available at the surgery and in the community to help you manage your mental health.


Learn more about what vaccinations are offered at our surgery and why they’re safe and important.

Muscle and joint pain

Find out how to get support for muscle and joint pain.

Sexual health

Contact your local sexual health and contraception service clinic to find out more about the services available and to arrange an appointment.

Self care

Get advice about self-treatable conditions, including healthy living and making healthier lifestyle choices to better physical and mental health.