Book an appointment online

If you need to see someone regarding a medical issue, then you can request an appointment online using our online system, Klinik. All appointment requests are triaged by our clinical team.

Our Klinik service is open 07:30-14:00 Monday to Friday. Although during periods of high demand and/or low capacity we do temporarily close it early to manage the cases we have.

When Klinik is closed

For urgent matters:

  • Please call or visit us, our phonelines and front desks remain open until 6.30pm. 
  • Please visit South Bristol Community Hospital Urgent Care Walk-In Centre, open 8am – 8pm
    South Bristol NHS Community Hospital                       
    Hengrove Promenade
    BS14 0DE
  • Visit or phone 111.  

Only use 999 or A&E for emergencies. 

For Prescriptions

Pharmacists can give you advice on a range of conditions and suggest medicines that can help. Please follow the below link for more information 

How pharmacies can help - NHS ( Please check this website for location /opening times NHS England — South West » Pharmacy opening hours 

Prescriptions requests can still be sent to Please note requests will be dealt with in working hours only. Urgent requests should be made via 111.

Types of appointments

At Bridge View Surgery, we offer different appointments to help you get the care you need as soon as possible.


Routine appointments

Our routine appointments can be booked up to two weeks in advance. We will offer these appointments for new non-urgent conditions, ongoing health conditions or to review long-term health issues. 

An appointment is usually 10 minutes long and will allow enough time to discuss one issue. If you have more than one issue you will need to submit an additional Klinik enquiry so that we can book an additional appointment or extend the appointment duration if this is possible.

Urgent appointments

​​​​​​If you feel you have urgent medical enquiry please contact the surgery via Klinik. If that service is closed please call within our normal opening hours. Urgent needs are catered for on the day by either telephone appointment or face to face with a GP/ANP, depending on your symptoms. 
We may direct you towards your local pharmacy or self care route in the first instance.

When the surgery is closed we recommend you use NHS 111 online. This is a useful source of advice and can direct you to local services including emergency dental care. You can also phone 111 for medical assistance.  This call is free from both landline and mobile phones.  The operators can provide basic medical advice but also help to arrange appropriate assistance if required.
For a BSL interpreter see NHS 111 - SignVideo.

Accident and Emergency departments are seeing a big increase in demand, and we would advise you only attend the hospital in an emergency.
In a life threatening emergency you should always call 999 without delay.

For more information on where to go visit

Extended hours

To improve access, we offer some appointments outside of our core opening hours for those patients who struggle to attend appointments during the day.

These appointments include evening, early morning and weekends.

If you would benefit from, and would like to book an appointment during these extended times, please indicate this on your Klinik enquiry.

Nursing appointments

Routine nurse appointments

Appointments with our nursing team are booked according to reason with the most appropriate member of our highly experienced nursing team.
We offer a range of services in our treatment rooms, including:


Phlebotomist and Health Care Assistant appointments

Our Health care Assistants give vital support to our practice nursing team and carry out tasks such as phlebotomy (drawing blood), blood pressure measurement, dressings, and patient health checks. 

The HCAs/Phlebotomists take the majority of the blood samples in the practice and are available each day of the week. Bookings are morning and afternoons as the samples need to be delivered to the BRI lab for testing that day.

Bloods and other samples do have a deadline on a Friday, this is because samples cannot be held in the surgery over the weekend. It will depend on your surgery branch as to what time the last sample collection is due, and therefore what time they are able to offer as a last appointment on this day.


Secondary Care phlebotomy

Traditionally, when you attend your GP Surgery to see a member of the Nursing Team to have blood taken this will be at the request of a GP or Advanced Nurse Practitioner.  

For patients receiving care from hospital clinicians and specialised services you may be asked to attend Bridge View Medical for planned care blood tests. This is easier for the patient and relieves some pressure on the hospitals.  To enable this service to work, it is vital that the test results for these hospital requested tests go back to the hospital clinician and not to the patient's GP.  This is because many of the hospital medications cannot be managed by your GP and clinical responsibility is with the clinician prescribing the medication. 
Bridge View Medical will therefore be unable to give results for these secondary care tests and will advise that you speak to the specialist team in regards to further care.


Here at BVM we have a fantastic trio of first contact physiotherapists. The team are based in-surgery and operate telephone triage and face to face consultations in order to diagnose Musculoskeletal (MSK) Conditions. Although they do not replace secondary care physiotherapy, by using the first contact physiotherapists we can offer in-between advice, guidance and exercises whilst waiting for further treatment and investigations. 

For more information on this service and for MSK advice CLICK HERE.


Here at BVM we now have an in-house dietitian who will be offering support to patients to self manage conditions, as well as preventing, assessing and treating many diet and nutrition related problems. This service will help referred patients in their weight loss journey, improve their IBS symptoms, manage their diabetes or coeliac disease. Referrals are through the clinical staff at Bridge View Medical.

For more information on this service CLICK HERE

Home visit requests

Home visit requests should only be made if the person who is unwell is housebound or too ill to attend a surgery branch.

All home visit requests should be made as early as possible in the day.

Patients do not have an automatic right to a home visit. 

A clinician will triage your request. If there is a clinical need to be seen then arrangements will be made for a clinician to visit you at home. 

In some instances the clinician may discuss the need for you to come to the surgery for an appointment instead or to access health care elsewhere. 

Arrange an interpreter

Patients have the right to use an interpreting service when accessing general practice appointments and NHS hospital services in England.

This can be arranged if you require an interpreter either a non-English language, or non-verbal communication such as British Sign Language.

Please ensure our Care Co-ordinator team are aware at the time of booking an appointment if an interpreter is required. This will give us time to arrange this service for you and allocate enough time for the appointment. 

Please ensure that you tell us if you are no longer able to, or no longer need to, attend your appointment so that we can cancel the booking with the interpreter service.

Chaperone Available

When attending the surgery for an appointment, you and your clinician have the right to request a chaperone to be present during your consultation. Our staff have been trained to the highest standard and are on hand to act as chaperone should you or your clinician request it. Please speak to a member of the team for further information.