NHS referral service

If you have been referred for more treatments or tests, you can check on the referral using our online form. You will need a letter of referral from your GP if you would like to see a private specialist or consultant.

Use our online form

You can contact us by using our online form to check an NHS referral.

Check a referral using your NHS account

You can book a referral through the NHS referral service. You can also check a referral by using the NHS website or App.

You will need your NHS account login details and the NHS App to access the App.

All patients waiting for a routine operation or treatment are prioritised according to their clinical need.

If you are waiting for a hospital appointment or treatment, you can use links below for more information and to check the estimated waiting times at your hospital.

Fast Track Urgent Suspected Cancer Referrals

 A ‘Two Week Wait’ or 'Fast track' referral is a request from your General Practitioner (GP) to ask the hospital for an urgent appointment to help rule out serious conditions such as cancer. 

The referral will usually be sent immediately to the relevant hospital (Usually BRI or Southmead depending on the specialty required). You should be contacted within 5 days of your referral and be assessed by the hospital within 2 weeks (although current pressures in the NHS mean that this wait may be longer in some cases)

The information at the bottom of the page explain the process. If you don't hear from the hospital within 5 days of your referral then please ring the telephone number provided on the relevant leaflet.

NBT (Southmead) should be used for the following specialties:

  • Breast
  • Urology e.g. Bladder, prostate, kidneys
  • Neurology e.g. Brain, nerves

BRI should be used for the following specialties:

  • Skin - please note that there is a different contact number for this specialty to the specialties below.
  • Lung
  • Lower gastrointestinal e.g. bowel, rectum, anus
  • Upper gastrointestinal e.g. stomach, oesophagus, pancreas
  • Head and neck e.g. throat, nose, ears, neck lumps, thyroid, mouth
  • Haematology e.g. blood cancer, lymphoma, leukaemia, myeloma
  • Gynaecology e.g. uterus, ovary, cervix

NHS app users: please be aware that a dummy appointment may be sent to you initially (this may often appear to be at an odd time such as in the middle of the night!). This will be subsequently be cancelled, and you will be contacted directly to book a real appointment.

advice: Southmead Referrals

North Bristol Trust: Southmead Hospital Urgent Suspected Cancer team on 0117 414

advice: Bristol Royal Infirmary- University Hospitals Bristol and Weston

Referrals for skin lesions: 0117 342 3277. All other referrals: 0117 342 7643

advice: Weston General Hospital - University Hospitals Bristol and Weston

Weston General Hospital Urgent Suspected Cancer team on 01934 647227