Cooking class in Knowle

There is an exciting opportunity for families in Knowle to join a Slow Cooker Club in Knowle West, run by Square Food Foundation and Redcatch Community Garden.

The criteria to join are:

o            Resident of Knowle

o            Family household with 1-5 children

o            Available to receive deliveries/collect on a Wednesday afternoon

o            Low income/experiencing financial difficulties

o            Interested in trying new family recipes

o            Desire to cook from scratch once a week

o            Willing to engage with other participants and us in our Whatsapp group

The most important thing is that the family is keen to get involved in slow cooking! We also hope they will send us pics of meals and feedback about the project.

Do you have anyone who could be interested? If so, the sign-up form to complete is here:

Square Food will give families a call to have a quick chat and answer any questions.

We are looking to fill these spaces by 28 March and deliver the Slow Cookers after the Easter holidays, so please let us know of any families who would like to join.

More information for families:

Square Food Foundation and Redcatch Community Garden invite you and 9 other Knowle West families to join a Slow Cooker Club running for 6 weeks which starts Wed 17th April (Date TBC when places are full).

You will be given a Slow Cooker and every week a local cook will deliver to your home a recipe, ingredients and support with how to cook up a lovely nutritious family meal which will save you time, money and change the way that you cook.

Slow Cookers are a clever kitchen aid which are simple to use, clean and are energy efficient.

Add ingredients (good for cheaper cuts of meat and veg), set temperature and time. That’s it! More time for you!

100’s of recipes and it costs less than 50p to cook a fuss free meal over 8 hours. Slow cookers are great for stews, soups, casseroles and warming dishes and for batch cooking and freezing. At the end of a busy day always something to put on the table for the family to enjoy!  Even better ask the kids to help with the food prep?

The Slow Cooker Whatsapp group will connect you with others in the club and you can share tips, recipes, local food offers and enjoy your experiences with them.’