Medical services and clinics

Below are the health services and clinics available in your area.

Minor Surgery

BVM offers a limited minor operations service, please see here for more information.

Cervical smears

All women between the age of 20 and 65 should have a regular smear test every three to five years. We send out appointment reminders to all of our patients to let you know when your next smear is due.

Child development

We send out appointments for regular checks and immunisations for pre-school children. This is to make sure that our doctors and health visitors can check that children are developing normally and that there is nothing to worry about.

Contraceptive services

Our doctors and nurses give confidential advice on all aspects of family planning, including coil fitting and emergency contraception.

Health screening

We offer a wide range of health screening for men and women at our surgery.


Women aged between 50 and 60 are advised to attend the Breast Screening Unit every three years for a mammography. This is to make sure we can check and detect any abnormalities as soon as possible. These appointments are sent out by the local Breast Unit.

Maternity care

To book your first appointment with the midwifery team please click here to complete a form. An appointment will be sent to you in the post.

Please be aware, you do not need to have a pregnancy test at the surgery to confirm your pregnancy and you do not need to see a GP unless you have a pre-existing heath condition or you are on medication. The midwife team will arrange your care, scans and tests at your booking appointment.

Please do contact the surgery if you have pain or bleeding in early pregnancy and we can arrange an assessment and referral to the Early Pregnancy Clinic at St. Michael's Hospital.

If you are unsure if you wish to continue with a pregnancy please contact Pregnancy Advisory Service directly on 0117 927 6362.

Travel advice, vaccinations and immunisations

We offer routine vaccinations and general advice to our patients travelling abroad.

It may take up to eight weeks for a full course of vaccinations, so please contact us in advance to give you plenty of time if you’re planning to go abroad where you need to be vaccinated.

Counsellors and advice services

Find out about local counsellors and advice services. You can access these services by speaking to our team or self referring via our Social Prescribing page.

Find out more about the NHS services

You can find out more about the NHS services available within the local area and as part of the surgery, on the NHS website.