Research Practice

Bridge View Medical staff involved in research are aware of their responsibilities in terms of data storage and data access.  The surgery is registered with the Information Commissioners Officer.  Database searches are not shared with anyone outside of the clinical care team in a patient  identifiable form.  Access to data is limited to those involved in research and no identifiable data is transferred outside of the practice without individual consent.  The practice has processes in place to securely store data generated by research studies.​

Patient's active engagement in any research studies is purely voluntary and you will be asked to consent before any actions are taken.  Bridge View Medical respects the right of any patient not to engage in any study and gives an assurance that care will not be compromised as a result.


Current research studies at BVM are listed below (updated 21.3.24)

ACE - Active, Connected, Engaged

This study looks at the ways people who are 65 years and older can stay mobile and independent for longer. Click on the right arrow for further details.

Anti-depressant medication withdrawal study (closing 31.3.24)

This study is recruiting patients (aged 18 - 65 years old) who have been on anti-depressants for at least 9 months and are now feeling better, to see the effects of stopping anti-depressants versus not stopping them. Please ask your GP or pharmacy at your medication review to check if you may be eligible or contact the research team directly - Click on the right for details.


This study is being led by Helen Charleton, one of our practice pharmacists. It aims to find out how best to use inhaled steroids for asthma in children (aged 6-15). Click on the right arrow for further details.


BEACON is an online clinical trial for people aged 18 and over who have had COVID-19 and who are experiencing brain fog or having problems with their memory and brain health. It aims to test a brain training app and will last six months. People can take part from home by registering for the trial on their smartphone, device or computer. BEACON will involve over 1500 people across the UK.



This study is recruiting patients with a current or past history of atrial fibrillation (AF) aged 55-73 years who are currently not on blood thinners to find out if blood thinners can prevent stroke, premature death and cognitive decline in the broader community of patients with AF. Patients may receive a text and/or a letter to invite them to participate. Click on link on the right arrow for further information.

Discover Me

Discover Me is a research study that aims to analyse health and genetic information on thousands of people. The aim is to increase our understanding of many different diseases, and help improve patient care. Click on the right arrow for further information including how to register.


North Bristol NHS Trust are running a study looking at the efficacy of a 9-valent extra intestinal pathogenic E. Coli vaccine in adults over 60 with a history of urinary tract infections in the last 2 years.

They are looking for participants who are;

  • 60 years or over
  • With a history of UTI in the past 2 years documented in medical records (and if recent resolved more than 14 days prior to randomisation)
  • UTI defined as uncomplicated/complicated or recurrent, diagnosed by a physician and required antibiotics.

Click on the right arrow for further information

Optimise 2

The OPTIMISE 2 trial will establish whether deprescribing common drugs that lower blood pressure is safe or effective in older people in the longer term (a year or more). Ciick on the right arrrow for more information.


This trial will compare the effects of pramipexole with placebo when added to current antidepressant medication.  There is some evidence that pramipexole, a medicine already commonly used in Parkinson ’s disease, may be an effective treatment for people with treatment resistant depression. 

People who decide to take part in PAX-D will be randomly assigned to take either pramipexole or a placebo (a tablet that looks like pramipexole with no active ingredients). Participants be asked to attend a small number of clinic visits, provide samples, take part in regular telephone interviews, and complete questionnaires and computer task.


PREVAIL is a study that helps practices identify high-risk patients who have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), including those who are potentially undiagnosed.

The study also helps timely assessment of patients to optimise their treatment.

Bridge View Medical is in the control arm of this trial but this study will help implementation of support for patients with COPD in the future.


This study has 2 aims 1. To understand how GPs and other primary care clinicians provide, and patients respond to, safety-netting advice in telephone consultations. 2. To provide an archive of telephone consultations in primary care for further use in research and training, adding to the existing ‘One in a Million’ archive of face-to-face GP consultations. Further details can be found by clicking on the right arrow.


Trial of food allergy (IgE) tests for eczema relief in children aged 3 months to 2 years. 

Recruitment to start in Spring 2024.

Click on the right arrow for details.


The ZEUS study is investigating the effects of a drug called Ziltivekimab on cardiovascular outcomes in participants with established atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease and systemic inflammation. Click on the right arrow for further details.